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Renters Program

Loan programs down to 580 score

$100 down homes & no out of pocket closing cost

Down payment assistance for all counties

Loan programs to fit your payment budget/income

Unpaid collections, repo, bankruptcy discharged

Low income, no credit, no rent history

                                              Rapid credit boosting assistance also available

VA Program

Down to 550 credit score
Fixed income, ssi, retirement accepted
Low & fixed 30yr interest rates
No mortgage insurance
Fast closing in a little as 3 weeks
No money down, no closing cost

Refinance for Seniors

Ages 62 & older
No income, no assets, no minimum score needed to qualify
No monthly mortgage payment ever—for life
Get cash out for investments, repairs or any reasons
All monies from cashout is tax free
Owner still maintain full title & ownership
                                             Options available for beneficiary of property
                                             No closing cost
FHA Streamline Refi
Do you have a FHA loan that is upside down/under water? 
We can lower your payment!! 
Down to 580 credit score
Get a lower monthly payment/savings
Get escrow refund back after closing
Fast closing in a little as 2-3 weeks
                                              No closing cost, No Appraisal
                                              No income, No asset